Welcome to the creek

When we first moved to the little creek I had lofty ideas. That’s my way. I envisioned it a place of healing, a retreat for the soul – even if just for one afternoon. Even if just for one meal.

There was a catch to the vision – there’s fruit border still in the kitchen and some popcorn ceilings.

We don’t live in a grand place, or some fabulous rustic shiplap decked farmhouse.

Our home is simple. I like to think of it like grandma’s house, like that warm friend who never intimidates you. Our home, you see, could never be personified as a “frienemy” who leaves you less by their visits. (I’m pretty sure it’s been a few decades since anyone felt intimidated by textured pastel butterfly wallpaper in an entryway.)

We, our home, the whole deal are a work in progress.

And we don’t care a bit.

One day there will be the time and the investment to revamp. But, for now I have learned a valuable lesson about what it means to live the dream the Lord places in your heart. Here’s the big secret – you have to start before you swap the wallpaper out.

We can choose to start life right where we are and welcome people right into the messy middle of the production. In fact, it’s the only way to do this life with authenticity and joy. You show up before you’ve arrived.

You invite people over before you can afford the good cheese. And you gather around your table before all the linens matchy match.

You love people right where they are. Everyone is welcome. Come just as you are. Leave changed.

‘We can choose to start life right where we are … invite people over before you can afford the good cheese.’

Don’t wait to use the good China or pause opening the doors because you want more chic flooring.

The stakes are too high.

Your life depends on it.

A dying world depends on it.

We believe that Jesus came and walked this earth, died on a cross and rose three days later not to make bad people good. He came to make dead people alive.

It’s a love we want to live out person by person – often at our little dining room table one meal at a time overlooking Salt Creek.

Today I begin this new endeavor because we don’t have that many bedrooms and the miles are many for so many. If you can’t get to the creek, I aim to bring it to you.

Story by story. Recipe by recipe. Our life. Messy, real. Authentic. Filled with life. If you’re weary, I hope this place gives you hope or at least a good laugh.

And it’s my prayer that it will give you the confidence to open your own homes to a dying world.

Welcome to the creek.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the creek

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  1. I love this and you! About time you did this, my beautiful friend and S.i.C.! I will be visiting litthouseonsaltcreek a lot to glean the manna God has for us daughters that He loves to send through you! Great life giving, sustaining, maintaining, stuff! I’m in a Bible study with a group of incredible women called “be the gift” and this blog is the very thing we encourage each other to break out and do. It’s as if you were on the couch with us listening with us! Love. Love.Love ♥️♥️♥️

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