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We are the church. And you are, too. My name is Amanda Elliott and like many of you I am a work in progress. I am walking, breathing proof that redemption and restoration no matter the circumstances is possible. I am too many things to list. I bet you are, too.

I am a daughter of the Most High, a wife to the love of my life (it only took me until age 36 to have him delivered right to my door), a mother (with one on the way), a writer, artist, Sunday School teacher and sweet tea addict.

My husband Scott and I are ordained ministers, business owners and the kind of people who believe we are each called to care for the orphan and the widow – in a way that only you and the good Lord know. We are artists. Me of the writing and painting variety. He of the music, writing lyrics, woodworking variety.

In 2015 our journey together began. He in Arkansas and me in south Louisiana. You see, we attended high school together and hadn’t seen each other in decades. I was a style editor and single mom who refused to date. I believed that if the good Lord wanted me to marry again, He would make it happen. If He could part a Red Sea and raise people from the dead, surely he could bring this woman just one man who met every desire of my heart.

He did.

We said I do in 2016 onĀ  Wednesday in my sister’s backyard in Bauxite, Ark. I wore a red dress and my son played in the dirt with a car for most of it. Scott dipped me at the end for an over-the-top-romance-novel-cover kind of kiss. I think our wedding sums us up well.

‘If He could part a Red Sea and raise people from the dead, surely he could bring this woman just one man who met every desire of my heart.’

After much prayer and a genuine miracle or two we moved to central Arkansas where our families live. Something I once thought impossible. I left life as a style editor and we moved into a house on a sweet little creek.

Today, we run the business my husband started together, serve in our local spirit-filled, miracle-happenin’ church and believe it’s entirely possible to live in 2018 while walking out the gospel literally.

We live on a prayer, quite literally.

We love to cook. Because we love to eat. We love having too many people at our house and eating too much food. We love the way the Lord crosses our paths at just the right time to give just the right person a place to work, to rest their head or just to be at just the time they need.

We believe that the least is the most. And that no life is past the point of redemption at the hands of God.

He is everything.


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